Important Tips for Mom and Dad of New Born Baby

Hand dryer is very important for both mom and dad of new born baby. UV rays will clean hand thoroughly. Hot air will dry hand and also clear small particles if any. Most of the time mom and dad touch baby directly with open hand. Cleaning hands with sanitizer, soap, hand wash may remains heavy fragrance/scent to hands.

Touching baby with the fragrance hands may effect on new born baby’s breathing. New born baby don’t know its good scent but Sneezing could affect breathing. Thus Hand dryer with UV rays is must buy thing. Drying hands with Hand dryer will clean your hands as well as removes any fragrance stick to your hands.

Mom and dad of new born baby should also take care of their own cloths. Its sure thing that you are taking care of your baby with softest & Clean cloths. But, on the other side both of you must wear soft and washed cloths. Please do not use perfumes, fragrance, scents. New born baby can not tell you that “it is very hard fragrance and please go away!”.

New born baby lay down on the back for most of the time. It is recommended to use softest cousin for relaxing Baby’s head and the back. These are the things which you need to buy before coming home from hospital. Mom and dad of new born baby can simply order new born essentials online to save time.

New Born baby only knows mother and no one for some of primary days. Dad and other family members need to wait to get interacted with baby. A mother can not explain the happiness after giving birth to a baby. When mother sees her baby for the first time, that moment is very precious for her.

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