Top 5 Best Newborn Diaper Pants in India

Best Newborn Diaper Pants in India

Things to be considered before buying best newborn diaper pants : comfort, absorption, size, material and the cost obviously. Though disposable diapers are ‘use and throw things’, throwing out diapers mother earth shouldn’t be damaged and it should be environment friendly.

There are limited options in organic products for babies. Various types of best diapers in India are reviewed in this article. Here are the top five brands for Best Newborn diaper pants in India with highest ratings and reviews as per Indian parents.

1. Huggies Wonder Pants

One of the highest rated newborn diapers on all of the eCommerce sites in India. Indian parents’ most favorite brand for newborn diapers. Absorbing capacity is more than 10 hours. It has pure softness, no leakage issue and rash free diapers. Also Huggies Wonder Pants diapers have a mild fragrance, thus it will not affect the breathing of a newborn. Less disturbance to newborn even applying overnight as well. 

As compared to other diapers, Huggies Wonder Pants have a fair price. Looking at quality and other factors it’s much likely to recommend on #1. It’s a made in India product. Thus, it’s Best Newborn diaper pants in India. 

2. Supples Baby Diaper Pants

Previously being sold as Snuggles, now named as Supples. It’s Criss-cross channels help to hold baby pee and secure from leakage. Easy to remove with a tear option. Supples diapers are light in weight and suitable for travel. It has 12 hour long lasting absorbing power with soft elastic. Supples diapers have a very good design and a stylish look.

It’s worth the money as well as the economy for parents. Supples Baby Diaper Pants are made in India. Key feature is value for money.

3. Pampers All round Protection Pants

Comes with soft and Leak proof, Non Sticky & Aloe Vera actually protects newborn’s skin. The diaper does not emit a bad odor. The pants are very easy to use, and the elastic around the waist and leg is much more gentle, by not leaving impressions on your newborn’s delicate skin. Key feature is Aloe Vera lotion which protects from rashes.

Pampers All Round Protection Pants are fair in price, also get more discount when you buy more quantities. Thus it’s one of the Best Newborn diaper pants in India.

4.    MamyPoko Pants Standard Style

Among baby diapers, this is perhaps the cheapest and finest option. This can’t be used while taking the infant outside because it can’t hold for more than 4 hours without being sticky, but it’s fine at home with 6 hour changes.

If you are looking for more quantity in less price you may choose MamyPoko Pants Standard Style.

5. Himalaya Total Care Baby Pants Diapers

Himalaya diapers are anti-rash and highly absorbent. It keeps the baby’s skin dry at night, allowing them to sleep soundly. The nicest feature of the diaper that I appreciate is the wetness indicator, which eliminates the need to check the diaper repeatedly. Himalaya diapers have a silky soft inner layer that is quite nice for the infant, and there are no leakage issues with them.

As a well known brand it’s worth and value for money.

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