Top Ideas for Baby Costumes for Halloween

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Exciting times ahead! Halloween is around the corner and with a baby in the house; you might be considering making it a special one for your family.

Even if you find it ultimately impossible to create a ‘scary baby’ given the inherent cuteness quotient they come with, there are some great creative ideas that could help set the ball rolling for you.

Here is our round up of the top picks for baby costumes for Halloween from the internet to get your creative juices flowing; so go on; take your pick and get inspired



If your child is a little too young to be walking on his own, then this would be the perfect idea to dress him up. All you need is to create a baby carrier shaped and designed like a popcorn holder and the baby can be dressed up as the popcorn inside. It can’t get any more adorable than that.

From thisplaceisnowahome

Baby aerobics instructor


Here is a costume that you do not need to have to work too hard to put together. Considering how babies tend to have lots of onesies and leg warmers in their wardrobe, you are already halfway there. Throw in a headband along with a boombox that is made by felt and you are good to go. The bonus? It is comfortable to wear so you will have a happy cooing baby the entire time.

Detailed instructions at homemadebyjill

Garden gnome


Your baby would look adorable in a garden gnome costume, whether a tot or a wee baby. The costume does not even require any sewing at all. You just need to put together a hat, a beard, a tunic, and belt. The materials are comfortable and warm which makes the costume perfect to wear for the season.

Detailed instructions at allyou

Baby lobster


Hate sewing but want to make a splash with your baby’s costume this year? This is the perfect fit for you. Googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and some paper plates are just some of the makings of a cute and adorable crustacean. Putting together this no-sew costume should be easy and will not take a lot of time, perfect for the busy parents out there.

Detailed instructions at parenting

Harry Potter baby


If you are a fan of J.K Rowling’s seven-book masterpiece, then this is a good time for you to nerd it out with your kid. The costume is very easy to put together save for the scarf which might require some extra time to get knitted, or you can go the easy route and head out to the stores too. For the glass, the lenses just need to be taken out and the scar can be drawn with eyeliner and you are good to go.

Detailed instructions at loveandlion

Superhero baby


Because who does not want the world to be saved by a cute and cuddly baby in a superhero costume? Comfortable to wear, easy to put together, and with materials that are very easy to find around the house, this is one ideal Halloween costume you would not want to miss out on.

Detailed instructions at whitehouseblackshutters

Gimli the Dwarf from J.R.R. Tolkien’s LOtR


Admit it, dwarves and kids put together are just plain adorable. Heads will surely turn when they see your baby dressed up as the gruff and rough Gimli sprinkled with loads of cuteness. Some effort may be needed to get the helmet and the axe made, but the hair and beard are just a short trip to the crafts store.

From goingonsix on flickr

Baby Pumpkin


You cannot get any more Halloween-y than to dress your baby up as a pumpkin. While this can be a good costume for you to put together if you have the time to spare, it is one that can be easily bought from the stores too.

From potterybarnkids

Fastfood costume


If baby still needs to be on a carrier come Halloween, then dressing him up as your favourite fastfood meal is not a bad idea at all. This cute burger carrier costume will certainly have mouths watering and people wanting to get their burger and fries fix. To complete the look, you just need to dress up as a fastfood server.

Detailed instructions at todaysparent

Baby flower


Cute kids and pretty flowers will certainly go well together. This easy to make costume only needs coloured felt shaped into flowers that can be glued onto baby’s bonnet or hat. Add glue and scissors on the bunch and you have an excellent no-sew costume that only requires a green onesie for your baby to wear to complete.

Detailed instructions at parenting