Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

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Ahhh baby showers!

Joy, laughter and perhaps the tiniest worry; especially if you’re not a parent yourself; what should you give as a gift?

If the soon-to-be-parents have opted for a baby registry, then you are in luck. All you have to do is browse through the list of gifts they want and you know you can’t go wrong.

If there isn’t a registry however, we have compiled a list of useful and appropriate gifts that you could consider for the occasion so you turn up prepared and confident of adding value.

1.Give Diapers

Are you thinking ‘for real?’ But of course! While not the fanciest, a gift of diapers is certainly one of the most practical. You can get super creative with diaper cakes even!

Every new parent will tell you how expensive diapers are. At the rate that babies use them, you are truly doing them a favour with a diaper stash to use. Opt for the bigger sized ones as newborns do grow out of them quick.

2.Give Some Baby Clothes

Always a hit!

Which parent-to-be would not want to open a box to reveal cute baby clothes inside? Everybody joins in on fawning over these wee outfits in fact.

Consider the expectant baby’s gender if you intend to buy clothes though; or better still get neutral and practical ones like onesies and vests for maximum value.

Think size too. Avoid getting newborn sizes as the baby can easily outgrow them soon enough.

3. Get Gifts for Feeding and Nursing

Perfect Baby Shower Gifts | Baby Care Weekly

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Once more, think practical. Babies will need to eat so a feeding or nursing related gift is a useful option too.

From a nursing or feeding pillow to a breast pump to breast milk storage bags, your choices are plenty. So, make good use of them and select something appropriate if this is your category of choice.

4.Gift Baby Gadgets

You can choose something that will help the soon-to-be parents get their home baby-readied in advance. Think of products like a baby monitor with or without a video feed, an infant rectal thermometer, a humidifier, a safety-gate or hearth-gate, or soft phthalate-free crib-rail teethers

5.Put Together a Gift Basket

If you like the idea of assembling several gifts together, then gift baskets are going to be fun. The options are endless. You can even get the basket customized in accordance to the lifestyle of the parents so you know that the products will complement their needs very well.

Consider going with a theme; and get contents customized to fit the ‘practical parents’, the ‘techie couple’, the ‘sporty parents’ among others.

6.Pitch In with the Other Guests

If you are thinking of giving something that is pricier than you have budgeted for, you might choose to pitch the idea to the other guests and pool in resources to gift the expectant parents the stroller or furniture that took your fancy.

7.When in a Bind, Get Gift Certificates Instead

If after going through the entire list here, you’re still unsure, fret not. A gift certificate can be a real life saver. It saves you from a lot of trouble of having to think up what to get, and can be a useful resource for new parents.

Remember that the best gifts are not always the fanciest. Rather, the most practical products and those with emotional and sentimental value to the parents will be more valuable. If you think along these lines when you shop for baby shower gifts, you can never go wrong.