Parental Advice on Dressing Baby for Cold Months

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Keeping your little one warm and cozy during the cold winter months is going to be really tricky. Sure, you want him to be warm considering how babies can’t yet regulate their own body temperature. But there is a good chance that you might overdo things too. Swaddling him in too many layers might not be doing him any favors. As with any new parent, it can be hit and miss. Here are some useful tips to help you become your own baby winterproofing expert.

Layers will be Your New Best Friend

The key to keeping baby warm in the cold months is in dressing him in layers. If he is spending his day inside, then a couple of layers will surely do. You have heating inside the house which keeps him warm and comfy anyway. Onesies are great clothing picks for baby in the cold months since you will only need to add a one-piece fleet over them. If you want to dress him in a top and pants, then you best keep his toes warm by adding socks.

Add One More Layer

One very helpful guide when winterproofing your baby is to dress him the way you are dressed but with just one layer more. Remember that your baby will not yet have the ability to adjust his body temperature according to his surroundings.

Dress Him Right for Sleeping

It gets tricky when getting him dressed for sleep especially if he is a crib sleeper. Remember that loose blankets and bedding, which are great ways to keep yourself warm, are a big NO for the baby. You want him to be comfortable but not swaddled too much as this can put him at a high risk for SIDS. A few layers of clothes will do. Also, check his neck. He should not be too sweaty; otherwise, he is probably overheated.

If he co-sleeps with you, then he will require even less layers as he will be benefiting from the body heat that comes off of you.

The Toes and the Belly Say It

If you have to get out of the house, you will need to check if your baby is warm enough. Touch his toes first. They should be cool but not to the point where they are cold. His belly should be warm. When both are warm, it is a clear indication that he is overdressed and you will need to peel a few layers off. But if both are cool then you certainly need to add another layer as your baby is not warming up right.

Observe Car Seat Safety

Parental Advice on Dressing Baby for the Cold Months | BabyCareWeekly

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Moms do have a tendency to pile up on bulky clothing when taking their babies out. Who would want to skimp on warm clothes if the equivalent is a cold baby anyway? But do remember that snowsuits and puffy coats can cause the straps of the car seats to become too loose. This is certainly a serious safety hazard. To avoid this, get the blankets snugged around your little one only after he has been buckled and not before to make sure he is strapped in tight.

Go Gaga Over Hats and Mittens

You do not want those tiny hands to freeze from the winter cold especially when you are out and about. Make sure to put on a cozy hat for him every time you need to step out. A hat that has a chin strap is a practical idea as it helps keep the thing on the whole time. Put on some snug mittens on his tiny hands or you can put him in a body suit with hand covers to keep him cozy.

Avoid Swaddling Your Baby when Inside

While it is recommended that you will keep baby bundled up when you have to take him outside, get him off all those bulky clothing the moment he steps inside your home. Truth is, he will not be exposed to frigid temperatures for a long time when indoors.

Do remember that you are baby’s best source of warmth. Instead of swaddling him under loads of bulky and often uncomfortable clothing, make it a point to cuddle and snuggle him up during most of his waking hours. Keep him close to you so he will be comfortably warm despite the frigid weather conditions outside.

Have you had experiences dressing your baby up in winter before? We’d like to know how you did it below!