Parental Advice on Creating the Perfect Nursery

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Part of the excitement of having a baby is getting the nursery ready. You will likely spend loads of time setting it up.

You’d want it to be no less than perfect for your little bundle of joy. To help you make the right decisions, we’ve rounded up some useful tips for your DIY project.

Stick to the Bare Necessities

This is, without a doubt, a special time. As a parent, it is instinctive for you to want to have everything ready when welcoming your baby into the world. Many well-meaning parents have made the mistake of buying too much that turned out to not have that much use at all.

With a plethora of options shouting “you need me!”, how do you take a pick? When you are aware of what the essentials are, it will be easier to sift through your choices and settle for products that are truly useful.

Getting to Know the Do’s

  1. Do choose a theme- Deciding how the whole room is going to look like is the best way to start. This allows you to choose ideas that fit the kind of look you want. It keeps you focused and prevents you from getting all over the place.
  2. Do get the ceiling decorated- Your baby spends majority of his time lying on his back in the crib. Getting the ceiling decorated means that he will have something to feast his eyes on and keep him occupied. You will never run short on inspiration too!
  3. Do choose the right paints- You need to choose paints that come in soothing colors. You can never go wrong with pastels. But make sure that these are No-VOC paints. Regular paint can give off fumes that can be toxic even when they have dried. No-VOC paints are the safer and healthier option.
  4. Do consider the airflow- Installing a fan is always a good idea to keep the airflow properly circulating inside the room. A study has confirmed that doing so actually helps reduce the occurrence of SIDS in infants by 72%. Making sure that there is an open window in the room helps too.
  5. Do think ahead- While current trends may be the rage right now, remember that they may likely go out of style very quick. When designing your nursery, consider how you are going to use the room in the future. A versatile design would make it easy to transform the room to fit the ever-changing needs of your growing child.
Parental Advice on Creating the Perfect Nursery | BabyCareWeekly

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Getting to Know the Don’ts

  1. Don’t install harsh lighting- If there are intense lights in the room, a dimmer is always handy. Harsh lights should not be positioned directly over the baby’s crib. A nightlight is a very good investment too as it makes late-night feedings comfortable and safe.
  2. Don’t forget to baby-proof the place- Safety should be your top priority when setting up a nursery. The furniture needs to be anchored down if they ever pose even the slightest threat of sliding or rolling over. Keep away things that are likely to be choking hazards.
  3. Don’t use wallpapers- Yes, they are cute and will likely have your friends gushing over how apt they are to the overall look of the room. But you are surely not going to be gushing and cooing when you have to get them removed a few years later. Stick to no-VOC paints instead.
  4. Don’t forget to consider storage- You will need places to store baby clothes, nappies, ointments, lotions, and other baby care stuff. Use smart storage ideas to ensure that anything and everything is in the right place. This helps the nursery to be clutter-free.
  5. Don’t do things at the last minute- Setting up a nursery takes time. You will certainly not want to be fussing over the right paint color or the right curtain fabric when you are a week from delivery. Get things underway early. You will have more peace of mind knowing that you are set and ready when you will finally welcome your baby home.

Do you need help when you go shopping for nursery essentials? Here is a checklist for you.

Parental Advice on Creating the Perfect Nursery | BabyCareWeekly

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