Don’t Fall Victim to These 6 Baby Stuff Traps

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Are you expecting your first baby?

You want everything to be ready when your little bundle of joy arrives, from baby furniture to the baby care products. Every new mom wants their baby’s life to be perfect but there are so many things to think about such as how to choose the best baby stuff. Plus you’re tired all the time from lack of sleep and all the changes happening to your body.

Don’t worry, help is on the way! In this Baby Care Weekly article, we’ll give you a list of the most common baby stuff and we’ve upgraded it to include very important safety reminders.

Many first pregnancy blogs simply list down the baby care items you need to buy but they fail to mention little known information about these products. These “traps” that could harm both your baby and your budget. Read about them below:


What they don’t tell you: Your baby could have an allergic reaction to certain kinds of diapers.

No doubt, every new parent blog out there will tell you to have a stash of diapers ready when your baby arrives. Diapers make a new mom’s life so much easier. You don’t want to run out of diapers at 2AM but before you start buying diapers in bulk, remember that your baby may have extra sensitive skin and the wrong kind of diaper could leave him with allergies.

There are different types of diapers out there (disposable, cloth, organic, fitted, pull-ups, pocket diapers and more) and you don’t want to end up with a truckload that your baby is uncomfortable wearing.

What to do before buying diapers:

  1. Compare the different types of diapers. Aside from material, consider the following: diaper size, fit, price and absorbency.
  2. Buy a small batch of diapers first and observe your baby for any allergic reactions. If your baby is happy and comfortable, that’s when you start stocking up.

Look out for these signs of a diaper allergy:

  • Red, swollen patches on the skin that comes into contact with the diapers
  • Older babies could be restless and may reach out to scratch the irritated area

Contact a doctor if your baby has rashes accompanied by fever or vomiting.

Don’t Fall Victim to These 6 Baby Stuff Traps | Baby Care Weekly

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Baby bibs

What they don’t tell you: Washing and cleaning can eat up your precious time and energy.

Baby bibs are another must-have in your list of essential baby stuff. They protect your baby’s skin and clothes from drool and stains. The most common baby bib is probably the cloth bib and you’re probably already considering getting a lot knowing babies are notorious for being little spittle machines.

What to do before buying bibs:

  1. Read about the different types of baby bibs before buying any.
  2. Consider your time and lifestyle. For example, silicone bibs are easier to maintain than cloth bibs so they could be a better option for busy moms.

Diaper bag

What they don’t tell you: You might want to get a diaper bag that can double as your purse.

Baby bottles, diapers, bibs, baby toys… With the new baby comes a whole lot of baby stuff you will need to bring around with you. This is where a diaper bag will come in handy. Sure you want a bag that is roomy enough to carry all your baby gear but you also need one that you are confident enough to carry around wherever you go. That’s right, your diaper bag does not have to look like a diaper bag!

What to do before buying a diaper bag:

  1. List down the things you will be regularly carrying in the bag.
  2. Shop around for a bag that can carry all the baby stuff you listed down. Don’t limit your shopping in the baby department!
  3. The bag should also have the following characteristics: enough compartments, easy to wash, easy to carry around and may be attached to your baby stroller.

Car seats

What they don’t tell you: You should read up on recent product recalls.

Car seats are a must-have for busy, on-the-go parents. Safety is the top priority and you’ve probably devoted enough time reading up on the best and most popular car seats for your baby. Most new parent blog will give you useful reviews plus a list of essential car seat features to look for but not many will tell you to read recent baby car seat recalls as well.

What to do before buying a car seat:

  1. Check online for recent product recalls from car seat manufacturers.
  2. Consider personal factors such as your budget and lifestyle.
  3. Read reviews on the car seat model you are thinking of buying.

Teething toys

What they don’t tell you: Safety first.

As a new mom you’ll do everything in your power to ease your baby’s pain when your baby starts teething. Teething toys will be a lifesaver at this point in your journey through motherhood.

There are plenty of teething toys to choose from and they all come in different materials, shapes and sizes. Safety should be a top priority of course but there are other factors to consider as well.

What to do before buying a teething toy:

  1. Read the product label for the adequate safety certifications.
  2. Make sure the materials used are completely safe and non-toxic for babies. Natural rubber is often the most preferred material for teething toys. The paint used in the toy should also be lead-free and non-toxic.
  3. The teething toy must be designed to be sturdy enough and easy enough for baby to hold.

White noise machine

What they don’t tell you: You can get one for FREE on your phone.

Sleep deprivation is an expected part of becoming a new parent which is why you’ll want to find ways to get good quality sleep. A white noise machine is an effective solution for shutting outside noise and getting much-needed shuteye. How much does a white noise machine cost? And which one should you get? Before you decide to buy one, consider downloading a white noise app for free.

What to do before buying a white noise machine:

  1. Check out the App Store or Google Play for the different free-to-download white noise apps available.
  2. Download and play around with the sound controls and options.
  3. Connect it to a speaker and test it out when you sleep.

Buying baby stuff can be stressful for first time parents but imagine if your kids did the shopping! Here’s a funny video of kids doing groceries. Watch their cute reactions!