Is My Baby Safe at Home? Top Baby-Proofing Ideas

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When a little devil is running amok in your household, then it’s important that you baby proof. Baby proofing your home means eliminating all the possibilities of accidents occurring. These are methods that you employ to keep your baby safe at all times.

In this article, we will explore some of the best baby proofing ideas for the most trafficked places in your household.

In the Bathroom

Babies love to play and because of their weak legs, they are more prone to slips and falls. In a wet environment, like the bathroom, chances of accidents happening is extremely high. So what do you do? First, you use nonslip mats to safeguard from slips. Second, you use a toilet lock so little fingers won’t get smashed when the toilet seat suddenly slams shut. You also use a toilet lock to protect from accidental drowning and even unhygienic exposure. Third, you store medicines and other appliance cords in a storage that’s out of reach and/or difficult to open.

In the Nursery

Your baby spends his quiet time inside the nursery. In the US, drop-side cribs are no longer allowed and the slats are supposed to be at least 2 3/8 inches apart. Yes, those bumper pillows, stuffed animals, blankets and pillows may look cute but they present suffocation hazards much like plastics in furniture present choking hazards. It goes the same with mobiles that have small hanging parts.

In the Kitchen

This is where the mess happens especially during meal time. To avoid slips and falls, use a baby bib to catch as much of the food mess as possible. Remember that in reality, only a small portion of your baby’s food actually ends up in the mouth. Get appliance locks so baby can’t open the oven door on top his little self. A stove guard, on the other hand, will keep baby safe while you do the cooking. Just like what you did in the bathroom, store cleaning products in hard-to-reach places. If you must store them in low cabinets, then make sure you keep the doors locked at all times.

In the Living Room
There’s a reason why mud pies exist and the soil from those houseplants would look very yummy to your baby! It might be a good idea to take the plants outside or to relocate them in places where your baby can’t reach them. Get a guard door for your fireplace and a baby gate for the stairs. Use cushion edges with bumpers for pieces of your furniture that have sharp corners. Don’t worry, they come in different designs so your interior decor won’t get ruined. Scan the room for any breakables as well as choking hazards and take care of them before accidents do happen.

Always remember that a happy baby is a safe baby!