How to Travel with Baby by Air and Have a Great Time Doing It

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Here’s a plan for your family vacation

Ah those familiar mixed emotions!

If you’re looking forward to a holiday and secretly worrying about the flight there with your baby, take a moment to read this heartwarming story of a young mom’s travel with a baby and toddler in tow.

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Yes, of course flying with a baby can be a bit of a challenge, but there’s no reason why you can’t make the experience pleasant and fun. While we may not get you an upgrade, read on to equip yourself with great tips to get you through this unscathed.

1.First things first; try and pick child-friendly airlines and check their policies before you book

Given that airline policies can change ever so frequently, this is a great common-sense tip often overlooked. Truth is asking a lot of questions before booking your ticket will set comfortable expectations that guide your experience from the start

2.Then, pack right and pack light

You might be tempted to take along every toy, bottle, pacifier, bib and everything your baby uses on a regular day, but remember you are not expecting regular days anyway. So spend a little thought to sieve through; pack right but pack light. Use these ideas below and scroll down for a printable packing checklist to help you along

  • Pack to cater For eating

Bring along baby’s formula, a pouch spoon, 2 clean bottles, and a bib. You do not necessarily need to bring loads of baby’s formulas; there is usually plenty available where you are going to land. Make sure that the bib is easy to wipe clean; like a silicon one though so you would not have to deal with carrying around a soiled one if things get messy when feeding the baby.

  • For changing

Bring along enough diapers for changing and anticipate those delays and stopovers too. Bring tons of wet wipes. They make cleaning baby from top to toe so much easier and faster to do and you lighten your load as you go through them. A diaper cream is a must to prevent those rashes and do not forget to bring along some changing clothes, socks, and shoes. Also, empty plastic bags are very handy especially when you have some soiled nappies.

  • For entertaining

Bring along some of baby’s favourite toys as this will help keep him entertained during the flight. Remember that babies can get bored easily especially when they have to be seated the entire time with nothing to do. You can prevent those brewing howls from filling the entire cabin if you have some stuff that you can use to divert his attention.

  • Other stuff to bring along

Do not forget to bring along a pacifier that baby can suck on especially during take-off and when the plane lands. A blanket is very handy at keeping baby arm and comfortable too. Bring along a first-aid kit and medicines. Make sure to bring along baby supplies and pain reliever in the event of minor injuries.

3.Bring along snacks, enough of them actually
You cannot really rely on airline food to keep your baby happy. Meals served by airlines are not really very famous for being nutritious or tasty. And to say nothing of the teeny-tiny portions they serve. Packing along familiar munchies will certainly keep your little one happy. So, make sure to bring them along.

4.Time your flight right

Heard those horror stories of passengers complaining about a howling, unhappy baby that kept them awake for the entire flight? Yeah, save yourself some cringe-worthy glares and see if you can get a flight around baby’s bed time or nap time. If not, try keeping baby awake until after the plane takes off. During take-off or landing, suckling a little baby helps. Sleeping babies are happy babies; and that, in turn, makes a happy you and some very happy neighbours too.

5.When in a bind, hand out bribes

Okay, you have done all you can to try and keep baby asleep for the flight, but to no avail; try this fantastic idea that a couple of young parents of twins had; they left smiles all around them!

Now relax; you’re taking positive steps to set yourself up comfortably on a flight with your baby. So, do relax. Or did we already say that?

Here’s the printable packing checklist we promised above;

BabyCareWeekly | How to Travel with Baby by Air and Have a Great Time Doing It

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