Daddies, Nappies and Parties: Baby Showers for Dads

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Although both parents danced the tango to get mommy pregnant, dads are usually left out of the baby shower tradition. Baby showers are supposed to mark the kickoff to the parenting game so not involving daddies would basically mean that parenting details are reserved for the mommies only. These days, the fathers get involved too and the idea of baby showers for dads is spreading like wildfire.

According to a 2015 study by, the search term “man showers” have increased by 149% in Pinterest alone. Some of the most popular themes include:

* Dress like a dad
* Poker Night
* Burgers, Beer and Diapers

For fathers-to-be, a baby shower is the perfect excuse to get all their friends together before the schedule gets a little too hectic for game night. That one night of fun allows them to embrace fatherhood by bonding with other dads. It’s the same opportunity that’s given to mothers all throughout their pregnancy and especially during their baby showers.

“It’s a unique approach to the traditional baby showers!”

What to expect at the event

Otherwise known as the “dadchelor party”, baby showers for dads are littered with guy humor. It’s obvious from the invitations down to the cakes. Popular cakes include a beer-shaped cake, a diaper cake, a baby poop cake, and a lot more.

1.The Invitation

Daddies, Nappies and Parties: Baby Showers for Dads | Baby Care Weekly

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How will the world know you’re throwing a dadchelor party? Of course, you need to send out invitations! These days, evites suffice but there are still those who prefer to send out formal invitations. As expected, these invitations will come with twist. The usual cribs and prams laced with pink or blue will be replaced with wild graphics of beer and hotdogs! If it weren’t for the words “baby” or “daddy” the recipient wouldn’t know that it’s for a baby shower for dads.

2. Food and Beverage

When it comes to the food, dads are a little less likely to like the carefully prepared carved fruits and cupcakes. Instead, dads go for BBQ, burgers, steaks and a lot of beer. Easy-to-consume meals and snacks are quite popular too.

3. Games

Even the games are daddy stamped! One of the most popular games is the “pin the sperm on the uterus” challenge, which might seem too wild for the traditional baby showers. Oh, and did you know that beer is best sipped from a baby bottle? Yes, dads enjoy that too! Then there’s a bit of baby gambling. Dads put on bets for what day the baby will be born (applicable for normal deliveries), the weight, time of birth and hours of labor and so on. If the gender hasn’t been revealed yet, that’ll surely be part of the bet as well.

However, you can still see hints of the traditional games like the diaper-changing competition, the “candy or poop?” diaper challenge and the very popular TV shower trivia.

Here’s a video of a fun game to do during a dadchelor party:

4. Gifts

No baby shower will be complete without gifts. Moms usually get cute outfits and lovely feeding accessories but since this is a party for dads, expect the gifts to honor the father-to-be.

Dad appropriate gifts can range from a diaper bag toolkit to a handyman baby apron and even onesies with badmouth humor! Of course, there will be plenty of nappy requests from the dad-to-be. Just how many diapers do dads expect to change in this lifetime?

Daddies, Nappies and Parties: Baby Showers for Dads | Baby Care Weekly

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Another baby shower gift that’s growing in popularity are baby monitors. These are very useful when mom decides to take a day off and dad is left with the baby. Most dads prefer monitors with videos and sensors.

Dads deserve that rite of passage to parenthood too. Aren’t baby showers for dads simply great?!