Parenting Plan on Getting Through Baby’s First Thanksgiving

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It’s baby’s first Thanksgiving!

You might be excited about your baby meeting the rest of the extended family possibly for the first time being the center of attention on a special occasion.

If you are balancing fear, excitement, trepidation, and handling a baby all at once, you will be relieved to know you are not alone. Most new parents want things to go perfectly well as relatives gush over their little bundles for the first time.

Before you tie yourself up in knots though, take a deep breath and a moment to gather yourself. Here are some simple tips to help you get sorted.

If you are travelling far, pack up the essentials

Whether you’re flying with your baby, or headed on a road trip some place that takes you several miles away from a convenience store, it will pay to pack enough. In fact, you will be forgiven if you decide to overpack as long as it has something to do with formula and nappies and baby clothes. Don’t forget diaper rash cream, washable bibs for feeding the baby, and some of her favourite toys to keep her entertained over the long weekend.

Important reminder: Other than the essentials, keep the rest of the packing including your clothes to the minimum.

Prepare to Deal with the In-Laws

Seen those perfect reunion pictures fit for a magazine? If that’s what you’re aiming for, there’s a very simple way to get them. The best memories and the widest smiles will be captured on relaxed faces. So aim to be a relaxed mom, a relaxed dad and relaxed about your baby too.

With blended families more the norm, expect a combination of traditions and relationships and perhaps distinct dynamics to consider. Know as much as possible through frank chats with your partner beforehand and once you’re there, just go with the flow and accept that all families are unique.

Important reminder: You will receive plenty unsolicited advice. Don’t let that make you feel inadequate or incompetent as a parent. Just take what you like from it, and let most slide; like the proverbial water off a duck’s back. Keep the smile; families usually mean well

Never Skip Baby’s Naps

Your baby will be more stimulated in a new environment. New faces, spaces and routines will disrupt naptimes but knowing how important these are for your baby’s temperament and development, put in the extra effort to take her away from the center of action for a couple of hours to catch up on a nap. Baby Sleep is important

Important reminder: Steal a nap yourself while your baby sleeps and come back refreshed!

Don’t forget the costume and the camera!

Parenting Plan on Getting Through Baby's First Thanksgiving | Baby Care Weekly

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Of course, this is a good time to get creative with appropriately-themed costumes for your baby. Did we tell you how cute those turkey-inspired onesies are? Swooning relatives and adorable babies make for great memories so make the most of these by having your camera handy.

Feed Baby Smartly

Keep feed times as consistent as possible though you needn’t stress yourself out with that too much. Remember that while it is very tempting to get your baby to try many new tastes at the Thanksgiving table, not all foods are necessary or comfortable for the little tummy. Keep a balance between routine and experimenting. You will enjoy the flexibility and avoid a fidgeting, crying baby due to an upset tummy

Suggestion: Try some healthy fall-inspired recipes for your baby if you get a chance.

Don’t Stress the small stuff!

Nothing will ever go to plan; but you know what? It’s ok.

What you’re doing is creating memories for life; so enjoy a special time with your baby and send us your comments, pictures or snippets. We love collecting your stories!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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