What is a Babymoon? Should I get one?

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A Babymoon is a getaway with your partner before the arrival of your baby; applicable to adoptive parents-to-be as well as expectant parents-to-be.

Much like a ‘Honeymoon’ after which it is doubtless named, a Babymoon is not essential by any means, though it sets a landscape for your family and provides a brief punctuation before your baby arrives.

It doesn’t matter if you’re super organised and have your nursery set or if you’re rushing around trying to balance life and preparation for the baby. In any circumstance, the looming event will bring fundamental changes that will impact you in many ways.

So if time, resources and health permit, explore a Babymoon for you and your partner. In an age of trends and fads, this is a recent phenomenon that is likely to stay on given the far-ranging benefits it brings.

The best time to take a Babymoon in a healthy pregnancy would be in the second trimester and even then your doctor should have the final say on if you can travel at all. For adoptive parents-in-waiting, it helps to go on one soon after you apply so you are back and available in town for any follow up needed.

However, if for any reason you are unable to get a Babymoon, remember, every other person you see around you was a baby born without parents having taken a Babymoon. You will be ok!

Is this for the rich and famous then? That’s not me!

No; a quick search on the internet will show you that Babymoons come in all types, prices, themes and destinations. From a local escapade, to a short road trip, a flight, a romantic inn, or a pampering stay, you can choose packages or plan one for yourself just the way you want. If you are the sort of couple that likes to take breaks together, you will know what feels comfortable to you anyway.

It is not impossible to take trips with your baby, and you might still find inspiration once the bundle arrives. However, realistically speaking most new parents avoid taking on the challenge. In that case, the Babymoon you take might yet be a special deposit in your bank of memories that you will keep collecting.

So what are the benefits of a Babymoon?

Beyond the obvious benefits of being away from the hustle and bustle of the real world, there are two powerful perks of a Babymoon.

First; you reconnect with your partner– If you, like most parents-to-be have spent the last few months focusing on getting ready for a baby, you might be a little out of touch with each other. Rekindling that intimacy is a surprising outcome of a Babymoon, especially for couples who don’t realize they’ve been on a responsible parent-in-waiting mode recently

Second; you talk to each other about things that matter– Conversations often become predictable in a routine day at home or at work. Getting away gives a good opportunity to open up about worries and fears and the rollercoaster of emotions that partners naturally feel at this stage. Talking helps work towards strengthening the foundations of your relationship especially now that you are about to become a family in every true sense of the word.

Don’t forget the added advantage of taking a break without having to arrange a babysitter, something that’s about to change!

What is a Babymoon? Should I get one? | Baby Care Weekly

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Planning the Getaway

A word of friendly advice here; stay true to yourself.

Each couple is unique and every family situation is unique too. The perfect getaway for you need not be the perfect one for someone else. To make your Babymoon special, you only need a few simple tips;

  1. Plan ahead- The second trimester might be the best time for the trip to happen, though the sooner you plan out a schedule and commit to those dates, the more relaxed you will be about the logistics. Factor in time for a visit to get the go-ahead from your doctor too.
  2. Set a realistic budget- There’s really no need to overspend and if you know what you would like to get from your time out, you might be able to find a place that offers it to you within your means.
  3. Plan for quality time together- Whether a pampering plan or a romantic getaway, keep time scheduled for time to bond and make those moments count.
  4. Rejuvenate- Granted this is not a sport vacation; but if you are in good health, inject some stretching, relaxing and rejuvenating in your plan. The idea is to get back refreshed and recharged.

So take a step back for a bit; evaluate your situation and if you are taking that Babymoon, go ahead and enjoy yourself. Here’s us wishing you Good Luck for a fulfilling time ahead.