Baby Gifts Perfect for the First Christmas

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A wonderful time of the year approaches!

It is even more special with the newest addition to your family. Brace yourself for loads of pictures and never-ending ‘awww’ moments through baby dress up, gift reactions, festive shopping, decorating and endless cuddles.

If you’re looking to create special memories, how about starting lifelong holiday traditions this time? Some families take the same photos each year to mark how the kids grow. How’s that for a great idea!

And as for gifts for your baby, here is a list of ideas to help you win with more hits than misses through the gifting guesswork that lies ahead

1. Christmas Pajamas

Which parent would not want to dress up their little baby in festive Christmas attire? Everybody loves a snuggly, cuddly baby in cute Christmas pajamas. Since you need to dress him in something warm for the holidays, this is a really good excuse for you to go overboard on a pajama or a onesie with Santa and reindeers and figs and bells printed on them. Makes for a perfect picture too!

2. A Cuddly Plushy

Kids love something cuddly and you can never really go wrong with a plushy. If the plushy can be put to use, like for instance its big enough for them to sit on, you can expect your baby to have loads of fun snuggling up on it. He will not be outgrowing it anytime soon!
Safety reminder! Do ensure your baby is at least 12 months old before you let him sleep with or on a plushy to minimize the risk of SIDS or death by suffocation.

3.Festive Blankets

Thanks to the wintry cold weather, this is the perfect time for you swaddle baby in warm, snug blankets. Of course, you cannot do with just any blanket. You have to embrace the spirit of the holiday season! There will be no shortage of choices available for you so this should be an easy buy. You can even get them personalized and have baby’s name embroidered on them for the special touch

4.Personalized Picture Frame

Another great gift for your baby is a fond Christmas memory. Nothing can immortalize this better than a photograph. You can create a personalized picture frame for snaps of baby’s first Christmas so there is something for him to remember his First Christmas by. Perhaps this could be your yearly tradition?

Baby Gifts Perfect for the First Christmas | BabyCareWeekly

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5.Baby Swing

Kids and kids-at-heart are naturally drawn to swings and the fantastic sensation of being pushed in one. Why not splurge a little and get one for your child especially an older baby? It is a structure that will remain useful for a long time. Pretty soon, you will be hearing not only giggles and laughter, but the persistent “Higher, mum!” as your little bundle of joy grows up as well. Do choose a high quality, robust swing for practical and safety reasons.

6.Rocking Horse

This is certainly one traditional gift that you can never go wrong with. It is a good option that can provide your baby with entertainment minus the usual blaring noises that a lot of modern day toys come with. Choose one with a compact design and is made with high quality, environment-friendly, and baby-safe materials.

7.Books, Lots of Books

If you think that your child is too young to be listening to you read story books, think again. There is no such thing as too early when introducing books and stories to your baby. If there are story books that have really resonated with you when you were a child, why not get the same title for your baby and then add more books along the way? This can be the perfect start to building your baby’s library.

8.Push Toy

Pretty soon, your baby is going to learn how to balance himself on his two legs. A push toy would be an excellent fixture that will allow your child to enjoy walking without falling down and getting hurt often.

When picking out toys and possible gifts for your baby for the holidays, always remember that nothing beats practical. Gifts that are not only cute but also thoughtful and useful especially for baby’s day-to-day activities will always be great picks. So go ahead and make your memories.

Happy holidays!

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