5 Things about Potty Training that Nobody Tells You

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For all its wonders and joys, parenting does have its icky trappings moms and dads would rather not talk about; for instance potty training; which requires hard work and patience; and dollop of resignation. Here’s what nobody talks about when it comes to potty training your toddler

You can’t force your child to do it

You can’t force your child to start training if he or she isn’t ready yet. And if you ask around, you’ll see that there is no perfect age to do this too.

Pressuring your child might only make him anxious and anxiety will not do any good for either of you. You will need to be observant and careful in order to discern if your child is ready. Also being considerate and sensitive to your child’s needs and concerns will let you work better as a team.

No method is fool-proof

There are countless sources of information on potty training. You can count on blogs, books and proud parents who survived the process to give you tips and tricks on how you can successfully potty train your child. But know and remember that none of these methods are one-size-fits-all. Each child is different and each parent-child dynamic is different.

Just because your friend successfully trained her toddler to use the toilet in 3 days doesn’t mean it will be the same for you and your child. Don’t panic if Step 2 of the guidebook is not working out for you. This is where your creativity will come in handy. Prepare to adjust and make up some parts of the training along the way.

You’ll make a big deal out of it

At first you’ll probably think that potty training is no big deal. You might even laugh at moms who are vocal about how proud they are of their potty training success. But after days of negotiating with a stubborn toddler and cleaning up piles of poop, you will suddenly understand the struggle. You can finally relate to other parents and you will feel like you achieved something monumental when you finish training.

Every parent wants to raise independent and self-reliant children and potty training is one step closer to that goal. You and your kid worked hard so don’t be ashamed to make a big deal out of your toilet training success!

Potty training goes beyond the house

So your child has finally mastered using the potty at home. Congratulations! But this doesn’t necessarily mean they are ready to use toilets in other places like the restaurant or even school. Keep in mind that potty training goes beyond the house. Public restrooms may seem like new and frightening territory for your kid.

The important thing is you keep being patient and flexible. Enlist the help of other grownups like your child’s teachers and coordinate with them about your child’s potty-training progress so they can keep an eye on your child and be prepared to respond accordingly.

Accidents will happen (and will continue to happen)

So you’ve successfully potty trained your child in 7 days. You even threw a potty-themed party to celebrate the milestone. But ‘lo and behold, you suddenly discover that your child has an accident! Don’t feel bad! Potty training doesn’t work like a contract. Remember, you are dealing with a child and it’s normal for children to regress.

Possible post-potty training accidents do not mean that your efforts were a failure. You only need to reinforce what you already taught your child. Go over the process again and encourage your child to try again.

Have you completed your child’s potty training? Do you have useful tips and funny stories to share?

5 Things about Potty Training that Nobody Tells You | Baby Care Weekly

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