15 Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Millennial Parents

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Are you shopping for gifts to give to loved ones this holiday season? Chances are you have a millennial parent in your list of gift recipients. Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. Population. New data released by the U.S. Census reveals that one in five moms is a millennial and of the 1.5 million new moms in 2015, 90 percent were millennials.

Millennials are the people born from 1980 to 2000. They have their own set of traits and characteristics that sets them apart from previous generations like the Baby Boomers or the Gen Xers. They are a quirky bunch whose lives are influenced in many ways by the internet and technology.

So what gifts are perfect for millennial parents?

First, it helps to understand the tastes and characteristics that make millennials unique. Here are some of the traits commonly associated with this generation.

5 Unique Traits of Millennials

1.Socially-conscious and compassionate

According to a White House report, millennials value the role they have in their community. They also put high importance in making a contribution to society and want to take on a leadership role. Another survey by independent marketing group Barkley reveals that 50 percent of millennials say they try to buy products that advocate a special cause or charity.

2.Tech and social media-savvy

15 Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Millennial Parents | Baby Care Weekly

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Millennials grew up during the Internet Age and are well-known to be heavy users of social media. A 2014 study by Market Strategies International shows that millennials are three times more likely to refer to social media networks when making a purchase compared to other generations.

A new study by marketing group Crowdtap also reveals that 97 percent of millennial moms and 93 percent of millennial dads found social media to be somewhat to extremely helpful to their parenting.


Millennials are very conscious about their health and wellness and consider eating right and exercising as components to good health. Their healthy outlook extends to their parenting as well. Millennial parents are very hands on and consider the diet of their children a top priority. According to a survey by Barkley, 52 percent of millennial parents said they closely monitored their kids’ diets.


Millennials demonstrate deep concern for the environment which is reflected in their buying behavior. According to a 2015 survey by Nielsen, three out of four millennials said they are willing to pay more for sustainables offerings. The same survey also revealed that the top purchase drivers for millennials were: products coming from companies known for being environmentally friendly and committed to social value and products that were made from fresh, natural and/or organic ingredients.

5.Crave adventure and new experiences

Millennials are well known for being open to new experiences. According to a profile written by marketing and trend monitoring website Millennial Marketing, 69 percent of millennials say they crave adventure. The same website also reports 75 percent of millennials desire to travel abroad and 79 percent would like to visit all 50 states.

Based on these five traits, we came up with a gift guide for millennial parents. There’s a gift idea for all kinds of millennial moms and dads, from the health buff to the avid adventurer. All the items on this list are timeless so you can give them anytime of the year and whatever the occasion.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Millennial Parents

1.All-natural baby care products

Natural baby products will be a surefire stocking stuffer hit for millennial parents who want to care for their babies in a safe and natural way. There are lots of baby care shops that offer these products. If you want to give something more unique and personalized, consider making the gift yourself. Baby Care Weekly has a recipe for an all-natural, homemade baby balm.

2.Wifi-enabled digital camera

New parents love documenting milestones of their babies. With millennial parents, they don’t stop at taking photos, they love to share their shots on social media as well. Make social media sharing for busy millennial parents easier with wifi-enabled digital cameras. This gadget allows wireless transfer of photos from camera to smart phone so uploading to social media becomes easier and faster.

3.Solar powered smartphone charger

Many millennial moms and dads consider their smartphone an important part of their baby care arsenal, using it to track feeding time or to quickly search online for baby care tips. Make sure they don’t run out of battery while on the go with a solar-powered phone charger. Some variations of this device lets you charge two phones at a time.


Parenting can be extra stressful especially for millennial dads and moms who are super hands on with their children. Help them relax and unwind by organizing a staycation at a hotel within the city. This is the perfect gift for stressed out millennial parents who don’t have the time to leave town. Offer to watch over their kids while they recharge for a day or two.

5.Toddler travel bed

Millennials are well known for their love of travel. Give millennial parents a toddler travel bed that they can take with them the next time they go on an adventure with their kids. This Baby Care Weekly article will give you everything you need to know about toddler travel beds and how to choose the best one.

6.Ergonomic baby carrier

15 Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Millennial Parents | Baby Care Weekly

image via ergobaby

An ergonomic baby carrier is perfect for new parents who are always on the go. These baby slings are designed to ensure that both parent and baby are comfortable and safe. Ergobaby has a wide selection of ergonomic baby carriers in different styles and equipped with a variety of added features like storage pockets and nursing hoods.

7.Jewelry with a story

Give fashionable millennial parents accessories made from sustainably sourced materials. Many eco-friendly shops and specialty stores stock handmade matching jewelry that parents and babies can wear. Millennials love products that have an advocacy so look for accessories that are not just pretty to look at but also tell a meaningful story.

8.Smart baby monitor

Millennial parents love smart devices so why not give them an upgraded version of the baby monitor? Smart baby monitors have enhanced features like high definition cameras, video recorders and noise detectors. They also let you sync with other smart devices like phones and tablets so you can stream videos live. Read this Baby Care Weekly article for more information on baby monitors.

9.All-natural aromatherapy candles

Aromatherapy candles are a wonderful way to cap a busy day. Help busy millennial moms and dads relax with aromatherapy candles made from all-natural and organic ingredients. These candles are not just nice to smell and look at but they are also free from toxic substances.

10.Breastfeeding apps

Breastfeeding apps are a simple but very useful gift for new moms. Apps like this have multiple features like breastfeeding logs that let you keep track of your baby’s feeding time, a resource of videos and articles on breastfeeding and even a directory and locators for baby experts in your area.

11.Paper or digital planner

Many millennial moms and dads must juggle their parenting duties with full time jobs and other errands. Help them keep organize and manage their time with a paper or digital planner. Millennial parents will appreciate planners made from recycled materials. Digital planners are also great for tech-savvy moms and dads.

12.Healthy and child-friendly recipe book
Make cooking and preparing meals hassle-free for millennial parents by giving them a healthy and child-friendly recipe book. Take note of any special dietary needs and allergies when selecting a recipe book to give.

13.Hybrid strollers

15 Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Millennial Parents | Baby Care Weekly

image via hybridstroller

Millennial parents who have active lifestyles will find hybrid strollers a thoughtful gift that they can incorporate into their fast-paced lives. This type of stroller is an upgraded version of the traditional strollers and packed with many sleek features. Some of them can be converted to a tandem stroller to accommodate two babies. Others can be adjusted so that they become easier to maneuver in urban areas.

14.Organic travel mat

Travel mats have multiple uses especially for millennial parents who love traveling with their babies. Travel mats can be used as cozy blankets to keep baby warm or as an overlay on sleeping cots and cribs. Choose a breathable and organic mat to ensure that it is safe for babies and free from any harsh chemicals.

15.Car kick mats

Millennial moms and dads will appreciate gifts that will help them organize their fast-paced and busy lives and a car kick mat is one of them. Car kick mats are worn over the back of car seats to protect them from dirt and mud. The kick mats from Billie Bumble have pocket organizers to keep car interiors clutter free.

When choosing a gift for millennial parents, take time to think about their unique needs, personality, lifestyle and tastes. It is always the thought and meaning that you put into the gift that will ultimately count.

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